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Health Benefits of Palm Sugar / Panakalkandu

Palm sugar or tal mishri has lots of medicinal value. There are no use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides in producing tal mishri; its major components are sucrose, glucose and fructose. It is used in many Ayurvedic medicines. Tal mishri is good for respiratory problems, like- asthma, cold, cough-, high Blood Pressure, anemia, and Leprosy. It supports growth of young children, decreases pancreas heat, strengthens heart, bone and teeth. It also helps to prevent diabetes, arthritis, rheumatic(nerve) pains and respiratory ailments.
Palmyra Palm Sugar is alkaline and not acidic. Alkaline foods are healthier than acidic food. Unlike white sugar this does not make the children hyperactive nor does it lead to hypoglycemia.

1. Good for Musculoskeletol Health:

Panakalkandu is a natural sweetener that contains more minerals and vitamins then ordinary sugar. Manufacturer does not use any enzymes in its manufacturing. It contains potassium, nitrogen, phosphorous, iron, zinc and Vitamins. Potassium is an essential mineral to maintain the health of muscles and bones and the tal mishri is good in potassium; one tsp of tal mishri provides 1 percent of daily requirement of potassium. One can use in drinks and cereals to boost up the brain function and the energy level.

Palm sugar or tal mishri or panarkalkandu is rich in vitamins B which is essential for formation of healthy cells. It contains 16 amino acids which play a vital role for the growth and repairing of cells.

2. Controls Blood Sugar Level:

palm sugar - panakalkanduPanakalkandu has low glycemic index. Glycemic index is a method of measuring how carbohydrates impact blood glucose levels. Food with GI less than 55 is categorized as Low GI and GI of palm sugar is only 35. High glycemic index may increase blood sugar level and may cause the pancreas to release large amount of insulin. Therefore, replacing white sugar with palm sugar is definitely good for preventing onset of diabetes. Especially those people who have family history of diabetes, can postpone its onset.

3. Better Option of Reducing Weight:

Because of low glycemic index, palm sugar (tal Mishri) / Panakalkandu / panarkalkandu slowly releases energy and gives body a sustained and even supply of energy. Therefore, replacing white sugar by tal mishri may be helpful to reduce or maintain body weight as it increases metabolism unlike other weight loss diets. But as it is a low GI sweetener, (not sugar free) one should take it in moderation; excess intake may increase your weight.

4. Good for Arthritis:

Panakalkandu  is a natural sugar; it is alkaline and not acidic. Alkaline foods are healthier for arthritis patients; it helps to prevent arthritis and rheumatic (nerve) pain and strengthens bones.

5. Good for Anemia:

tal mishri or panarkalkandu is rich source of Iron and Calcium content; it may be helpful to maintain hemoglobin level in the body. It is also good for immunity.

6. Good Source of Vitamin B12:

Palm sugar / PanakalkanduPalmyra  is good source of vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 deficiency is found normally in pure vegetarians because B12 is only found in non-vegetarian sources. It is believed that by consuming 500 gram (approx.) of Tal mishri every month, one can fulfill daily requirement of vitamin B12. 100 gms contains 20 mcg of Vitamin B12.


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